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    LaDiva Sport's Summer Spotlight Series 3

    LaDiva Sport's Summer Spotlight Series 3

    We are excited for summer, which is already in full swing. For those of you still in Tucson, you know exactly how hot its been! 


    Who would have thought that 99 degrees was a ‘cooler’ day?!


    This summer, LaDiva Sport is looking for the summer fashions that keep you cool and looking stylish, even with temperatures reaching over 100 everyday. We found Rochelle Reuter, an up and coming senior at the University of Arizona and active member/participant in ZonaZoo all year.


    Rochelle is staying cool in a sweet Arizona tank top, with the help of a few added rhinestones to bring in that extra sparkle. The navy blue racer back allows her to soak up the sun, but she knows how important the sunscreen is! (Check out her LaDiva Sport Sparkly Wildcat Body Tattoo!!)



    She stays stylish in some gray flip flops that also have some added bling to bring out the sparkle in her shirt and avoid the ‘sock tan’! Completing the outfit with a pair of shorts, Rochelle is beating the heat and staying stylish this summer!


    Rochelle tells us her favorite LaDiva Sport product is the new UA Earrings with the Block A in the middle because  

    " They are perfect for any U of A sporting event and will match any U of A apparel!"

    Thank you Rochelle for sharing with us your favorite summer styles! Stay cool!

    LaDiva Sport's Summer Spotlight Series 2

    LaDiva Sport's Summer Spotlight Series 2

    LaDiva Sport Summer Spotlight Series

    Its monsoon season and through the rain and storms, we are still searching for what Wildcat fans are wearing this summer and this week we found UA Sophomore, Chelsee!


    Chelsee is still getting used to the Arizona heat so she finds her most comfortable outfit with the sundress!

    Chelsee loves staying comfortable on the hottest of days and is always looking for new styles to try on. She pairs her dress with brown wedges and a matching belt that highlight the unique cut of the dress!

    On game days, Chelsee also loves to rock the sundress! She knows this football season she will beat the heat in a University of Arizona dress to cheer her favorite team to victory!

    Chelsee can’t wait for football season! She says her favorite LaDiva Sport item that she is most looking forward to show off on campus is the NEW line of LaDiva Sport hats and caps!



    “They will be perfectly matched to any outfit and also a great way to keep the sun out of my eyes during the day games! I love the touch of sparkle they have and can’t wait for game day!”


    LaDiva Sport Summer Spotlight

    LaDiva Sport Summer Spotlight

    Happy July! July brings us another summer month- complete with high temperatures and hot days. A big question on everyone’s mind when they wake up each morning is ‘what can I wear and survive in this heat?” and LaDiva Sport is out and about, looking for the best UA summer gear.

    This week we have up and coming juniors and members of the marching band Sammie and Hannah

    These girls are staying cool in the Arizona heat with light weight red T-Shirts, proudly displaying the Arizona Wildcat! Their UA shorts are lightweight and perfect for being outside in this hot weather.

    The girls protect themselves from the sun with sunglasses and sunscreen. The girls know how important it is to do what they can to minimize sun exposure in this dry heat.


    The girls look great and school spirited this summer and look forward to the upcoming school year, especially Bear Down Fridays on University. When asked which LaDiva Sport item they looked forward to wearing this fall, they answered with the new Glitter Block A and Glitter Wildcat Face tattoos!


    Sammie says 

    “My FAVORITE accessory from LaDiva Sport has got to be the cute tattoos hands down! I am a member of the trumpet section in the pride of arizona, and this is definitely a male dominated group of people. The lady trumpets have GOT to stick together, and now we have a way!! I think it will SO totally cute next year during football games and basketball games to have all us lady trumpets unifying ourselves with these block A and wildcat tattoos!!!”


    Thank you for sharing ladies! We’re excited to see you sparkle in the sun with these tattoos this fall!